Hair Extensions Cutting & Styling REFRESHER ON BASICS SKILLS Online Course

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This program consists of One Length HAIR EXTENSIONS Blending Techniques and Styling Methods.

Hair Designs & Styling essentials for today’s modern Hair Extensions looks.

REFRESHER ON BASICS SKILLS - Online in various segments upto 5 hours depending on student requirements. Upon booking you will be allocated your first session according to your availibility.

Hair Extensions focused:-

Client Consultation and managing expectations Demonstrations and practical time on 4 styles including chignons and relaxed textured looks.

Hair and scalp analysis, including consultation techniques and contraindications.

  • 1) One Length Blending Techniques.
  • 2) Styling Methods
  • 3) Blending Hair Extensions with Short Hair.
  • 4) Health & Safety

Product recommendations, aftercare advice and price guidance KEY LEARNINGS The skills and knowledge required to complete 4 trend- led bridal and event hairstyles Health and safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Complete Beginners:-

Demonstrations and practical time on 4 styles including chignons and relaxed textured looks.

Hair preparation for firm hold and longevity.

Additional Information

About us

SW HAIR TRAINING is a fast-track training Academy.

Our courses lead to a verified standard that you can rely on. Created to train students in the art of hair. Our sole focus is to provide fast-track expert training to help you improve your business results.

Our Hairdressing courses and our highly in demand hair extension courses are short intensive courses allowing students to gain an industry recognized certificate, leading to a verified standard that you can rely on with external independent accreditation.

Our relationship with our students does not finish at the end of a course, we provide ongoing support by phone and email to help students maximise their investment in their performance. We look forward to helping you meet the needs of your business no matter how large or small.


Mission: Our mission is to provide students with a high quality educational experience that is TRANSFORMATIVE, INNOVATIVE, and helps to develop and IMPROVE SKILLS.

Vision: To provide high quality affordable education that empowers students to be confident in their skills and financially independent so they can expand or open their own business.

Brand Values: Our brand values are Caring for our Customers. We do not just offer Training and Education, We offer full SUPPORT. At SW Hair Training Academy, our goal is that students feel they are not learning alone. We stand for ‘An Excellent and Supportive learning Experience’.

We SUPPORT our students by helping them build their beauty skills and teaching them how to grow their beauty business after their training with us. We do this by ensuring our students have everything they need to be successful in their business, These are our values and why we stand out from other Beauty Training Academy’s.

SUPPORT in both Education and Business Growth. We help students become highly skilled and financially independent. SW Hairdressing Academy is a dynamic, innovative, award-winning training organisation that specialises in delivering high quality training in the hairdressing and Hair Extensions sector.

SW HAIRDRESSING Academy have never diversified into other areas of training simply because our passion and expertise lie in this fascinating and fast-moving industry! Our training Courses have been carefully designed to motivate students and be the best that they can be:

Further Information

The interchangeable cutting forms cover a variety of shapes to suit client requests. 

A variety of contemporary Styling Techniques are included within the course to compliment each style. These skills are also interchangeable to achieve a variety of creative looks.

Each Hair Extensions Cut is demonstrated by the Trainer. The learner will then be expected to carry out the cut with each step being guided and checked along the way. This Online one-to-one coaching technique will ensure the learner is fully confident in the new skills learned. All cuts will initially be carried out on a Training Head. The head will be checked, then feedback given.  A Styling demonstration will then be carried out to dry the hair and the learner will practice.

Further practice should be carried out until the learner feels confident. 

Guidance and Constructive Feedback will be given to assist the Learner. Certification will then be awarded. There will be an option to provide video evidence for part of the assessment process.

Tutors & Support

All learners have access to a qualified tutor via Zoom, email and whatsapp for the stated support period. In addition to this, you will be able to speak to our support team via telephone with any query you may have relating your course.

Our tutors and support team have years of experience in delivering In-Salon and online distance learning courses. If you require help, then we are only a phone call away.

Qualifications Held by our Trainers

  • PDA in Internal Verification of Workplace Assessment at Level 8.
  • Level 3 NVQ in Hairdressing.
  • Level 4 NVQ in Hairdressing.
  • Higher National Certificate Hairdressing & Salon Organisation.
  • Higher National Diploma in Trichology.
  • Assessor Verifier Award.


Learners will be required to complete a series of tutor-marked assignments, (usually 1 after each unit) as they progress through this course. Each assignment will contain a variety of tasks/questions. These assignments are assessed by your tutor to monitor progress. You will be provided with constructive feedback to help you in completing each unit to the required standard.

There is no examination to complete as the course is completed using continual assessment, including Practical assessment (Case Studies).

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Any Hair Extensions Technician or a complete beginner wishing to improve their existing skill by learning a Refresher Hair Extensions Cutting & Styling Systems.


Tools & Resources

A Training Head, Hairdressing Scissors, Cutting Comb, Sectioning Clips will all be supplied within the Training Kit.


How to Book

Upon booking you will be allocated your first session (each session is around 1-2 hours) according to your availibility. Your course will be online and upto 5 hours depending on student requirements. 


Why choose SW Hair Training Academy?

Trading since 2013 

Qualified Tutors – Fast assignment turnaround

Support: 1-year support included

Start Date: Anytime - We enroll 365 days a year